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Are We a Good Fit?



Hey! I’d like to take you through these questions.

I get a lot of these on a daily basis, so it might be answering to you as well 馃檪

This is what I call, the first step to know if we’re a good fit!


What can you do for me?


I help artists by producing, mixing, and mastering their music.聽

I also help them to build or grow their audience. We make a strategy and we execute it together.聽


路 You will design my website as well?


Yes. If you don’t have a website, I’ll design one for you.

If you already have it but it’s not functional, I can edit it or re-build it from scratch.

I don’t want you to spend a shit load lot of money on a Wix subscription or worse, on a Web Designer.

You can have a proffesional website made by me. The only thing you need to pay is the Domain + Hosting. We can get a super low cost one for less than $15/year.


Is NERD making your service more expensive?


No, no, and no!聽

I designed NERD to help artists. A happy artist is good for the enviorment! And also a returning client for me 馃槈

The services you are paying for are: Music Production, mixing,聽and mastering.

NERD is a tool I want to provide you. It’s your choice to use it or not.聽


Can I choose only one of your services?


Sure. You don’t need to do everything with me. A big percentage of artists I work with choose the All Inclusive Production Pack. That means you’ll get: Production + Mix + Master + Web Design + Video Content.

Some other artists like to Produce their songs with me and after they mix/master somewhere else.

Some others show up to ask me for Mix or Master purposes only.

So everything’s alright as long as we’re a good fit.


Do I have to pay a lot of money to get your services?


Artists I work with usually have really different budgets. It’s impossible to set a fixed price for this.聽

It depends on what your goal is. How many songs do you have in mind? How many elements on each song? How difficult are those elements to achieve?

Just for you to have a reference, the price range can go from $200 up to $2500 depending on your needs.


路 What genres do you work with?


My main genres are Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop & Rock.

I’m up to other genres as well! I love music and I always want to try new things!


路Is NERD complicated to understand?


Noooope! NERD is really simple! You can learn more here.

I also wrote a simple, short and powerful e-book about it. I show you the secrets to planning your goals and achieving them. Click here and get your free download now.


路 Is it the online meeting with you FREE?


Yes, 100%.


路 How can I apply to work with you?


Really simple. Click here (Don’t worry a new window will open)

1) Answer the questions (they’re just a few 馃槈 ) about your goals. That allows me to understand your project and go straight to the point in our meeting.

2) Once you submitted your form, that’s it! I’ll get back to you soon telling you how we can take your project to the next level.


路 My question is not here


No problem, send me your question and I’ll reply ASAP!