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The N.E.R.D Package

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I want to find the most emblematic version of your art. That’s why I want to spend time talking about your music and figuring out the vibe of your project before diving in. My purpose is to create a sound that makes you feel confident. That’s what you need to get new fans with every new release. I help you discover new sounds, and also enhance what you already have. Once we have a great sounding record, we’ll go through the planning stage. I will provide you with professional assets for you to grow your music career.


Release Strategy

I want to make sure we put your release in the right place. I designed a strategy call NERD that will help you determine a plan. We’ll cover everything, from brand image to how to best build excitement for the new release.


Digital Assets

When we build that plan, we realize the elements you’ll need. Your EPK and professional artistic website are 2 of the most overlooked elements for artists. These are extremely powerful tools and I will provide you with them.
We will also plan a video content strategy to make you look like a creative machine.


Co-Writing & Producing

There are gaps in your song. Often the arrangement or the chosen instruments are not spot on. I take your project fill in all the gaps you can’t. We also can write one with you from scratch. We are in the digital era, you don’t need to loose time moving to another city to make a record. You’ll do it from home!


Additional Production

If you’ve already got the blueprint of the song and you just need the finishing touches, I can help put all the pieces together.


Mixing & Mastering

If you already have the stems from your recording and just need your project professionally mixed and mastered, I’m your guy.